Google Maps Will Remain in iOS 5 Despite “Rough” Relationship With Apple



Speculation that Apple may build its own maps application into iOS 5 and ditch its partnership with Google has now been put to bed, after Google’s Executive Chairman confirmed the two companies are still buddies.

Speaking at the D9 conference yesterday, Eric Schmidt confirmed that Apple and Google have just renewed their partnership that sees Google’s maps and search services built into the iOS operaring system – guaranteeing that these features will remain in iOS 5.

Schmidt revealed that although the relationship between Apple and Google had gotten “rough” as Android and iOS become even bigger rivals, they remain good friends when it comes to certain business arrangements. We’re not certain, however, that Google’s services will always be a part of iOS.

Back in March, AppleInsider discovered a job listing on Apple’s website for an iOS Maps Application Developer, who would “radically improve” Apple’s location-based services. The company also revealed last month that it is collecting anonymous location data in order to build a “crowd-sourced traffic database” for navigation services.

  • Aj Tk427

    can we at least get an upgrade to the new google maps?  Please Google :)  Current implementation is painfully slow.

  • Jonjo

    apple would not be able to create its own version of google maps. it would be so inferior to google maps

  • dagamer34

    Apple writes the Maps app, not Google.

  • dagamer34

    I find stories like this quite silly, as if Apple were to really create the entire Maps stack from scratch (map tiles, satellite imagery, business database, street view) it would take too much time and money to actually get up to “Apple’s” standards. And even Google didn’t start from scratch, they bought other large mapping companies before building their own solution.

    No, Apple bought Poly9 and Placebase to improve the current maps app with much more in depth information. The current version has barely changed from iPhone OS 1.0 and is in desperate need of an upgrade.

  • Aj Tk427

    could they use the same process as Google?  I have no idea about what goes into it, just wondering.

  • Shrike

    Money can warm over any disagreements. That is, Google made Apple the best offer for usage of Google maps and search on iPhones. Any guesses how much? Previous rumors were at $100m. Is it $200m now? $300m?

  • cheesy11

    google surely bowed to apples demands, why wouldnt they, apple are market leaders now