‘Tweetbot’ for iPhone Deserves its Release Day Hype [Review]


  • London Snoward

    Conversation thread of each tweet is an AWESOME feature

  • besweeet

    Nice UI, just not as fast as the official Twitter client IMO. Getting things done seems faster and easier with the official app. Everything from replying to tweets (swipe on a tweet>tap on the icon, instead of triple-tapping or some shit) to viewing profiles just seems more straightfoward and more for the power-user. Tweet other is better for those who care more about the UI than anything else.

  • HammyHavoc

    Fully agreed. Not bad, but I think I shall be sticking with TweetDeck.

  • jonsky

    Conversation thread is what’s lacking in twittelator pro which is also a lot more expensive. Damn I bought twittelator pro a few weeks ago.

  • NQuina

    What do you mean by this?! 

    “One of the only downsides to Tweebot is the lack of dedicated notifications – though there is support for notifications through Boxcar, I’d still prefer to have them built-in.” 

    Tweetbot has notifications…