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The user, a developer, finds a Studio Display paired with an LG DualUp monitor ideal for his work.
The user, a developer, finds a Studio Display paired with an LG DualUp monitor (left) ideal for his work.

Any conversation about “perfect” displays might just start and end with Apple’s Pro Display XDR. But not everyone is rich enough to buy one of those 6K monitors, which cost $5,000 or more. So the popular 5K Studio Display might have to do, along with something complementary.

One option graces today’s featured MacBook Pro setup. It recently swapped out ultra-wide and 4K monitors for a Studio Display and and the eccentric LG DualUp. They seem especially well-suited to certain types of workers.

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MacBook Pro setup trades 49-inch ultra-wide monitor for Studio Display and LG DualUp

Redditor ElSigi999 (“Sig”) showcased the attractive setup in a post entitled, “Moved from 49″ Ultrawide to Studio Display & LG Dual Up…

His MacBook Pro drives a 27-inch Studio Display and a 28-inch LG DualUp monitor. Both displays came out relatively recently — Studio Display in March 2022 and DualUp in June 2022 — and seem to be growing in popularity. The DualUp looks odd because it features a nearly square 16:18 aspect ratio.

The DualUp looks a bit like two monitors in one and manages to take up less desk space than dual monitors would. And that makes it perfect for some kinds of worker. In a word, coders. We’re seeing it pop up more and more in Setups, like this one and this one.

“Wow, that’s quite a transformation! Looks good though,” said a commenter. “How are you finding it, especially with the aspect ratio of the DualUp?”

“The DualUp is great as a secondary display,” Sig replied. “As a developer I need a lot of space for documentation, simulators and terminals.”

The Studio Display and the DualUp monitor have somewhat-different resolutions, but Sig didn’t identify that as a problem. The Studio Display offers 5120 x 2880 pixel resolution with 218 pixels per inch. The DualUP dials up 2560 x 2880 pixel resolution with 144 ppi.

Replaced a problematic ultra-wide monitor

The previous setup featured stacked displays, including a 49-inch ultra-wide screen.
The previous setup featured stacked displays, including a 49-inch ultra-wide screen.

So there you have it. Those two displays suit him and his software development work perfectly.

The new displays replaced two other nice screens that were stacked in a previous version of the setup — a 49-inch Samsung CRG9 curved ultra-wide display and a 27-inch LG UltraGear 27GL850-B 4K gaming monitor.

In his post, he called the ultra-wide Samsung’s pixel density “not great.” And in his older post, he said, “I sometimes would love to have a display with higher pixel density. Maybe some day I will go with a single Studio Display. Or a similar 5K one.”

He did that and then some.

Smart lighting and dual sound systems

The moody lighting in the photographs comes from two Philips Hue smart lighting products — a Gradient Ambience light strip Sig placed behind the desk and a couple of Play light bars he stashed behind the displays, he said.

And, as with so many setups we cover, this one features formidable audio. Sig actually runs two separate speaker systems. The reason why comes down to one word: Siri.

He pairs two HomePod minis to interact with the voice assistant while doing the heavy audio lifting with a separate premium set. Most of the music probably plays over a pair of pricey Neumann KH 120 Two Way Near Field Monitors on stands. They seem suitable for studio work, or for just pointing at your ears from a few feet away for some supremely clear sound production.

Here’s how the company lists the features of the nearly $1,498 pair of speakers, which have 5.25-inch subwoofers:

  • Compact bi-amplified studio monitor with a high efficiency.
  • Exceptional bass depth and transient response from 52 to 21k Hz.
  • Precise dispersion, optimized for near-field applications.
  • As a stereo system with KH 750 DSP and optional tools, controllable and alignable to the room.

And, for that matter, he also rocks two sets of over-ear headphones for audio when he’s not filling the room with sound. One, AirPods Max, handles the music. The other, a SteelSeries gaming headset, channels the more action-packed audio of gameplay.

And if you’re wondering about that little gadget with the LCD buttons under the Studio Display to the left for the laptop is in the photos, it’s an Elgato Stream Deck. That’s a live content-creation controller. Sig controls it with the BetterTouchTool app.

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Here's a look under Sig's desk. A commenter asked how he kept the desk so free of cable clutter.
Here’s a look under Sig’s desk. A commenter asked how he kept the desk so free of cable clutter. It’s these mounted power strips and cable trays. “Well, it’s a mess. But luckily under the desk,” Sig said.



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