Oddly square LG DualUp display spotted in wild with Mac Studio [Setups]


It's hard to look at anything but that weird, square display.
It's hard to look at anything but that weird, square display.
Photo: blakespot@Reddit.com

Displays aren’t just going up from 4K to 5K and beyond, they’re also taking new forms. Today’s featured setup is the first we’ve seen with the recently released LG DualUp monitor in real-world use. It features an unusual 16:18 aspect ratio. Here it’s paired with an older LG display and a Mac Studio.

And this setup also includes Steve Jobs. Play some “Where’s Steve?” (not Waldo) and see if you can spot him.

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LG DualUp 16:18 display pairs HP monitor and Mac Studio

Redditor blakespot showcased the Mac-Studio-and-LG-DualUp setup in a post entitled, “New setup with LG DualUp 16:18 display.”

What leaps out at you is the oddly large squareness of the LG DualUp, which is a 256o x 2880 px, 16:18 format that Blake has turned on its side. They often look a little taller than square. His looks a little wider than square. It’s paired with an older, 20-inch HP 1600 x 1200 px IPS panel that he has also rotated to be in portrait (vertical) mode.

I wrote about the distinctive and formidable LG DualUp monitor in a post headlined “New LG DualUp display is like nothing you’ve seen before.” And this is the first time we’ve seen it our unending tours of real Setups, actually.

“Liking it very much, so far,” Blake said. He included the DualUp along with the powerful Mac Studio as a replacement for a 27-inch 5K iMac Retina. And he said “it’s close” in terms of how it compares, visually.

Almost as good as a 5K Retina display

“It scales such that it’s nearly as clear as the 5K iMac, to my eye,” he said. “Not quite, but not far from. Not missing it, the iMac it replaced.”

He also mentioned he likes how it can run like two 1440p displays stacked. And its connectivity works for him, too.

“It has one USB-C input for the full screen res, and two HDMI inputs for 2x 2560×1440, and it also has a software KVM — you plug keyboard and mouse into it and when you scroll from one screen to the other, or some such, it switches control,” he said.

Someone asked if the LG is too tall. “I like to be looking straight on at the top of a screen and mostly eyes a little down toward the middle to avoid neck and eye strain. Is this possible with this monitor?” they asked.

“That’s about how this is oriented given my desk and chair height. I will say that this screen comes with a very high quality desk-mounting monitor arm, but it does not let you set it almost directly down on the desk (especially rotated, as I use it), and so I had to grab a different VESA arm to get the screen down as low as I wanted,” Blake replied.

An interesting mechanical keyboard

Spotting the mechanical keyboard in the photograph, a commenter asked about it.

“It’s a Leopold FC660M, a mechanical keyboard with Cherry Blue switches. It’s physically identical to the Leopold FC660C, a capacitive keyboard using Topre switches. The latter I did a little typing video for some years ago, if you want a closer look — they look the same.”

Unfortunately, Blake couldn’t remember where he got the Steve Jobs action figure, and we couldn’t find it.

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