6 reasons you should play Sneaky Sasquatch


'Sneaky Sasquatch' on Apple Arcade
Sneaky Sasquatch is a standout hit for Apple's gaming service. You really should try it.
Image: Rac7 Games/Apple Arcade

Sneaky Sasquatch is a delightful game on Apple Arcade. It lets players live the life of a Sasquatch doing regular, everyday things this mysterious forest dweller does: sneak around campgrounds stealing picnic baskets, play golf, ski, learn to drive. That sort of thing.

If you haven’t discovered it yet, here are six reason why it’s worth playing.

1. It’s good sneaky fun

'Sneaky Sasquatch; is good sneaky fun.
If you aren’t doing a lot of sneaking, you aren’t playing right.
Screenshot: Rac7 Games/Apple Arcade

At the start, Sneaky Sasquatch is mostly about keeping food on the table. As a Sasquatch, you can’t get a job so instead you tiptoe around a campground eating out of trash cans, and later you move up to raiding campers’ coolers and grills.

Of course, you can’t be seen doing this so you have to develop your sneakiness skills. Campers can see or hear you, and park rangers are actively looking for you. So watch out!

2. Sneaky Sasquatch keeps it interesting

Eventually, you figure out how to gather enough food, but that’s about the time you discover new challenges. This keeps the game from getting dull.

You need to learn to fish fairly early in the game, and that quickly leads you into a side quest. And there are other side quests to complete. Be careful: some of these are tricks intended to get you caught.

There are caches of gold hidden around the extensive campground, and finding all of these without getting spotted by a camper or ranger is a major challenge.

And when even that starts to get dull, Sneaky Sasquatch takes everything up a notch. You really can go skiing and driving on a racetrack. Or take in a few holes of golf.

Sasquatch enjoys golf, as all woodland creatures do.
As Sneaky Sasquatch progresses, you move past stealing groceries and on to more advanced fun.
Photo: Rac7 Games/Apple Arcade

There’s enough different things to do that there are many hours of fun in the game.

Even when you think you’re done, Rac7 Games keeps adding things. A new chapter was added to the storyline only a month ago. And that’s typical — every few months, there’s more storyline to follow.

3. There’s no violence. At all.

I’ve played mobile games, console games and PC games for decades, and these have conditioned me to expect casual violence. I’ll admit, I found myself wondering if Sasquatch would maul a camper or get hunted down by park rangers.

Nope. The absolute worst thing that can happen is a scolding from a park ranger. Even that doesn’t mean losing the game. The ranger just sends you home so you can start over again.

Sometime it seems the only options are casual card and match-three games or blood-soaked massacres. Sneaky Sasquatch is a rare opportunity to run around having adventures without hurting anyone.

4. Cute without being too cute

"Sneaky Sasquatch' is a messy eater
Sasquatch is a very messy eater.
Screenshot: Rac7 Games/Apple Arcade

While this is a non-violent game primarily made for kids, Rac7 Games doesn’t ever let it get cutesy. It’s not all unicorns, rainbows and baby bunnies. In fact, I didn’t ever see any of those.

Consider that much of what Sasquatch eats is taken from rubbish cans. And he’s really a messy eater. It’s sure to crack up young boys or anyone with the sense of humor of a young boy.

But Sasquatch has many cute animal friends. And he’s kind of adorable himself, in a rough way. I can easily see girls liking the game, too.

5. The game itself isn’t sneaky

There are many hidden items to find, but you won’t have to keep an eye out for attempts to coax extra money out of you. The game is part of Apple Arcade, which bans all in-app purchases.

So while there’s plenty of hidden gold in Sasquatch Valley, there are no hidden costs.

6. Sneaky Sasquatch is the Ted Lasso of Apple Arcade

This offering from Rac7 Games seems to have a permanent place in the Apple Arcade Top 10 list. It’s #1 on that list as I write this, and is seems to be somewhere on the list every time I’ve checked for years.

Sneaky Sasquatch came out in 2019 and it’s still very popular. It reminds me of Ted Lasso, the show that’s the standout hit for Apple TV+. Both are beloved, upbeat and fun.

A big part of the secret to the game’s success is an appeal to boy, girls and adults, too. I’m way past the target age but I still found myself wondering what mischief I could get into next. It’s the proper mix of exciting and challenging without being stressful.

Have I convinced you? Head to the Apple Arcade section of the App Store now to download and play Sneaky Sasquatch. There are versions for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Rather than a one-time fee, the game requires a $4.99-per-month subscription to Apple Arcade. Before you complain that seems a lot, consider that the same fee also brings access to over 200 other titles. And there are some good ones:


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