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How old do you have to be to still have a printer? [Setups]


You don't see a printer right in the setup all that often. People took notice.
You don't see a printer right in the setup all that often. People took notice.

We come across setups with printers from time to time, though they’re usually off to the side and perhaps only occasionally used. But today’s featured setup with a MacBook Air, a 2016 12-inch MacBook and a 20-inch Cinema Display keeps the printer right in the main mix.

This took some commenters by surprise. They noted why they never print anymore and grilled the user about his age, which turned out to be a lot lower number than expected.

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M1 MacBook Air and Cinema Display setup keeps the laser printer handy

Redditor Consistent_Order5375 (“CO”) showcased the sensible, inexpensive setup in a post entitled, “My new, minimal setup.” (Frankly, we’ve seen more-minimal setups than this one, but CO’s is certainly practical).

“I love it,” said one commenter. “That Cinema Display is timeless. It’s going to look amazing forever.”

When asked where he got the old display, which came out in 2003 following the release of the 22-inch Cinema Display in 1999, OR said “Dutch Marketplace, 30 Euros.” That’s about $32.

“Looks really nice, but isn’t the Cinema Display grating your eyes?” asked another commenter, explaining that the difference in pixels-per-inch (PPI) between the old monitor and the newer laptop with Retina display might be tough on the eyes.

CO replied that he’s not at his desk all the time staring at the monitor, so it doesn’t bother him. His Cinema Display has 1680 x 1050 pixel resolution. His M1 MacBook Air’s display is 2560 x 1600.

But what’s with the printer?

And the laser printer sitting right next to the Cinema Display really did seem out of place to some people.

“Do you actually use the printer? I’ve found my use of that has almost disappeared,” said one commenter. “Now I print to PDF and send to my iPad where I can annotate as needed.”

CO said he uses the printer pretty much every week.

“Might be a weird question, but how old are you?” another commenter asked. “I haven’t used a printer in at least 5 years, so really curious why and for what you use it on a weekly basis.”

“Haha, 33,” CO replied. “I use it to print out labels for packaging, forms that have to be handed in physically instead of via e-mail.” Those seem like good reasons. Some things you just have to print out.

The commenter admitted to being “even older (39)” and said, “but [to be honest] wasn’t expecting that at all.”

“Now I’m curious, how old do you think I was?” CO asked.

“Haha my mum also prints stuff, so I was at least guessing in the 55+ range. But hey at least you would be a very modern/hip 55+, since my mum don’t know Reddit. Anyways, I always wonder when I see people having printers.”

Check out the gear in the links list below. And if you have an opinion about who needs a printer, if anyone, feel free to comment.

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