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Why UPDF is a top choice among PDF editors (53% off now)


Find out how UPDF stacks up against popular PDF editors PDF Expert and Adobe Acrobat in terms of feature sets and price.
Find out how UPDF stacks up against popular PDF editors PDF Expert and Adobe Acrobat in terms of feature sets and price.
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Most people must deal with PDF files online at some point, like when they fill out forms, sign documents or save files they don’t want others to easily modify. But if you think your only choices for easy-to-use, feature-rich PDF editing software are big, expensive products, you haven’t met UPDF yet.

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In this article, we’ll take a look at how UPDF stacks up against major PDF editors — PDF Expert and Adobe Acrobat — in terms of feature sets and price. Then you can make your best choice. At the end of this article, a special discount will be provided for Cult of Mac readers.

Why UPDF might be the best PDF editor for you

Most folks know them as “PDFs” or “PDF files,” but the abbreviation actually stands for “portable document format.” Adobe, which established the file format 1992, also makes the well-known Acrobat PDF editor.

A PDF is a static file that looks like a published document, and you need special software to modify it. UPDF is a good example of an app that makes it easy as well as inexpensive to do so.

What makes UPDF so great? In a word, value. The app features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. Plus, it delivers all the features you need in a PDF editor — at much less cost than some competitors.

When we talk about features, we mean the major basics, such as:

  • Easy PDF file reading and text editing in a beautifully designed layout. You can edit PDFs as readily as you edit a Microsoft Word document.
  • The ability to annotate files by adding notes, text boxes, highlights and shapes — wherever you like.
  • Capabile of converting PDFs to 14 other file types, including Word, PowerPoint and JPEG.
  • An advanced optical character recognition (OCR) tool lets you recognize text in scanned PDFs in 38 languages. You can search and edit within the scanned files, too.

Free apps typically don’t cover all the bases, and premium apps often cost too much. That’s what makes UPDF so great. It’s in the sweet spot of doing a lot and costing a little.

UPDF compared to PDF Expert and Adobe Acrobat

Image: UPDF vs. Adobe Acrobat vs. PDF Expert.
UPDF delivers lots of features at a low price.
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UPDF might not be as famous as two of the best-known PDF editors — PDF Expert and Adobe Acrobat — but it offers advantages over both of those apps. They all offer rich feature sets and do many of the same tasks, but UPDF does more for a lower price.

UPDF vs. PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a widely used and capable PDF editor for Apple users. And yet UPDF beats it in several ways:

  1. PDF Expert is only available for macOS and iOS. UPDF works on macOS, iOS, Windows and Android.
  2. PDF Expert offers a perpetual license for Mac only. UPDF’s Perpetual Plan works across all platforms, so you don’t need to subscribe to another plan to work on another system.
  3. PDF Expert costs more than twice as much as UPDF for its annual and perpetual plans.
  4. PDF Expert lacks the following features that UPDF has:
  • Display PDF as a slideshow.
  • Annotate with a squiggly line, advanced shapes, text callout/text box and stickers.
  • Add and edit watermarks and backgrounds.
  • Add rich text by dragging and dropping.
  • Convert PDF files to RTF, HTML, XML, PDF/A, CSV, BMP, GIF and TIFF files.
  • Insert pages from another PDF.
  • Replace pages.

UPDF vs. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is probably the best-known PDF editing tool. But its complexity can pose disadvantages when compared to UPDF, which offers a simpler interface, faster performance and a much lower price tag.

Here’s how UPDF tops Adobe Acrobat:

  1. UPDF may be more suitable than Acrobat for users who need to work across platforms.
  2. UPDF is more affordable than Acrobat in part because UPDF offers one license for four devices across iOS, Mac, Android and Windows.
  3. UPDF is much “lighter” than Acrobat in terms of storage space it takes up and how fast it is. Adobe’s app offers many niche features for professional users that not everyone needs.
  4. UPDF updates itself frequently, with new features and more efficiency coming roughly weekly.
  5. UPDF costs far less than half of Adobe Acrobat’s price.
  6. Features UPDF includes that Acrobat (and even the more-expensive Acrobat Pro) lack:
  • Display PDF as a slideshow.
  • Annotate PDF files with stickers.
  • Add rich text by dragging and dropping.
  • Convert PDF files to CSV, BMP and GIF files.

Plus, you get all those advanced PDF editing features at a very reasonable price. Whether you prefer a perpetual license or an annual subscription, UPDF beats both PDF Expert and Adobe Acrobat, as you can see from the chart below.

In addition to the above, UPDF offers fast, reliable and responsive customer service that not every company can claim. As one UPDF customer said: “It is great to work with such a responsive app developer. This certainly makes me feel that you are a reliable business partner that I am happy to work with.”

Get a free trial of UPDF and save 53% off the regular price

Yet another great thing about UPDF is that you can try it for free. Just go to the UPDF website and download it. After the trial period, you can decide if you want to buy it.

Price: Annual Plan, $23.99; Perpetual Plan, $46.99 for a limited time

Where to download and purchase: UPDF.com


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