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Let AI generate your voiceovers with a $59 Micmonster lifetime plan


Micmonster gives your project voice with AI voiceover.
Give anything a voiceover with this $59 AI-powered voiceover tool.
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Shooting or animating videos is easier than ever, and adding polished voiceovers can help bring your YouTube videos and marketing materials to life. However, hiring talented voice actors can get quite pricey.

With an AI-based voiceover generator like Micmonster, you can narrate your own scripts in various styles and languages. For a limited time, you can purchase a lifetime subscription at the best price available on the web: just $59 (regularly $119).

Create AI-powered voiceovers in 129 languages.

Using Micmonster is pretty straightforward. Rated five stars on AppSumo, this tool uses AI to analyze your scripts and produce custom, lifelike narrations. All you have to do is enter your text, and Micmonster will convert it into a voiceover. The web-based app will provide all the phonemes, turns of phrases and other crucial language quirks.

Once analyzed, you can choose from more than 500 different voices across more than 120 languages. Voice styles include Angry, Sad, Cheerful, Excited, Hopeful, Shouting, Whispering and more.

Got a script involving multiple characters? You can assign different portions of your script to separate voices so it’ll flow just like a natural conversation. Then, you can fine-tune the voice inflections by adjusting the rate, lowering or raising the pitch, adding pauses, and emphasizing words, phrases and parts of words.

If Micmonster comes across a word it doesn’t recognize, such as made-up words from branded content, you can customize its pronunciation with phoneme support. Each voiceover can be up to 12,000 characters long, and your lifetime subscription offers 200,000 characters per month. Micmonster’s Preview mode lets you listen to a complete voiceover so you can adapt your script or make tweaks before you finally commit to a track.

Save on a lifetime subscription to Micmonster AI voiceovers

Video and animation are becoming more prevalent in viral media, digital marketing and even corporate training materials. With lifetime Micmonster access, you produce humanlike voiceovers to engage and grow your audience. Lifetime subscriptions are currently on sale for just $59 (regularly $119).

Prices subject to change.