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Apple TV+ subscribers think it’s a better value than Netflix


Apple TV+ subscribers think it's a better value than Netflix
Viewers are more satisfied with Apple TV+ this year.
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Apple TV+ subscribers seem much more satisfied with the streaming service than they were a year ago, according to a survey of viewers. The home of Ted Lasso and Severance even made gains on Netflix – streaming’s 800-pound gorilla – in a couple of categories, including value.

And more people than ever would make Apple TV+ their one and only streaming service.

Apple TV+ subscriber satisfaction rises sharply

Apple TV+ started with almost nothing when it debuted in 2019, and worked hard ever since to build up a catalog of original programming. It has had some hits since the launch, including For All Mankind and The Morning Show. And it seems viewers are taking note.

Whip Media’s 2022 Streaming Satisfaction Report found the good news for Apple. Variety reports: “Apple TV+ made the biggest gains in customer satisfaction in 2022, climbing 14 percentage points to 76%, jumping ahead of services like Prime Video, Peacock and Discovery+.”

That’s the percentage of survey responders who say they are satisfied or very satisfied with the service overall. The winners in this category are HBO Max, Disney+ and Hulu.

Apple TV+ subscribers are more price satisfied than Netflix subscribers

When subscribers were asked whether they think Apple TV+ is a good value, only 63% of them are satisfied or very satisfied.  That’s almost certainly a result of the limited catalog, given that the service costs just $4.99 per month.

However, almost everything available is original content made in the past few years. Unlike its rivals, Apple doesn’t have a huge back catalog of films and series produced over decades.

Still, subscribers are more satisfied with Apple TV+’s value than they are with Netflix. Only 62% of its subscribers call Netflix a good value after price hikes in early 2022. The service now costs as much as 4X what Apple’s does.

And while Whip Media’s survey found that twice as many viewers are wiling to make Apple TV+ their sole streaming service this year than last, the jump is from 1% to 2%. It seems Apple still has a long way to go to become a really serious competitor in the streaming wars.