Juuk Ligero review: Rainbow Apple Watch band will dazzle you with colors

This rainbow Apple Watch band will dazzle you with color [Under Review]


Juuk Ligero Rainbow Apple Watch band review: The colors on this aluminum Apple Watch band will take your breath away.
The vibrant colors on this aluminum Apple Watch band will take your breath away.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

Under Review on The CultCast: PRODUCT NAME REVIEW “Oooooooh!” my wife squealed when I pulled the Juuk Ligero Rainbow Apple Watch band out of the shipping carton. The brightly colored links in the aluminum bracelet definitely caught her eye.

Unfortunately for her, the band wouldn’t fit her smaller Apple Watch. So I got to try it.

The Rainbow Ligero looks like no other band you’ve seen. As with Juuk’s other metal Apple Watch bands, the Rainbow version’s striking looks provoke an immediate reaction. Its bold colors — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple — shimmer on the wrist. And now it’s back in the Cult of Mac Store.

Juke Ligero Rainbow Apple Watch band review

As with Juuk’s other bands, the high quality of the construction means this lightweight dazzler feels solid and comfortable. It never pulls out the hairs on your wrist. And the butterfly closure, which makes it very simple to take your watch on and off, does not cause any problems, either.

Plus, it’s simple to get the band tight enough that the Apple Watch will accurately read your heartbeat, if that’s important for you. Juuk’s system for connecting the links means adjusting the band to make it just the right length is far easier than you might expect.

I had to pop out five links to make the band fit my wrist. Using Juuk’s included tool — a small piece of metal with three thin, protruding pins — I pushed out the connectors quickly and easily. Then I removed the unwanted links, and reconnected the dangling ends. (More on that below.)

The most colorful Apple Watch band around

Once you get it snuggly on your wrist, the Rainbow band glistens with colors. Most of Juuk’s bands come in subdued shades like black or silver that make your Apple Watch look like a fine traditional timepiece. This one makes it look like you survived an explosion in a candy factory.

It’s fun. It’s fab. And it’s absolutely going to stand out in a crowd of normie Apple Watch bands.

Is it the look for you? Depends on your tolerance for bright colors. Some folks don’t like the Product(Red) Apple Watch I wear, but I love it. (The Juuk band’s connectors are red, too, so this band looks great with the red Apple Watch.)

Apple keeps adding new rainbow-colored bands to its Pride Edition collection, but they all look subdued in comparison to this beauty. IMHO, the only one that comes close to the eye-popping colors of the Juke Ligero Rainbow is the Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop. It costs nearly as much as Juuk’s metal band, and even it pales in comparison.

Watch the video review from The CultCast

Juuk Ligero Rainbow band

If you’re looking for a rainbow Apple Watch band that looks and feels like a million bucks, the Juuk Ligero is the one for you. It’s lightweight, comfortable and undeniably eye-catching. And like every Juuk band I’ve seen so far, it delivers premium construction at a reasonable price.

Price: $139

Buy from: Cult of Mac Store or Juuk

Under Review is a recurring feature on The CultCast, the official podcast of Cult of Mac. The segment gives us a chance to talk about products we’re using on a daily basis. Juuk provided a sample unit for this review.

P.S. How to remove links from Juuk Ligero band

To be honest, I approached removing links from the Ligero band with some trepidation. I remember dealing with inexpensive metal watch bands in my youth. It almost never turned out well.

As you might expect, it did take a little bit of trial and error to achieve the proper overall length. However, I finished the task in around 10 minutes.

(Just be sure to use Juuk’s tool properly. I screwed up and applied the pins out of order, bending the tool. You’re supposed to use pin No. 1 first to start the link disassembly. Then use pin No. 2 to fully remove the tiny connecting pin. Shockingly, the tool’s thin pin proved resilient enough that I could bend it back into place. See Juuk’s video below for a detailed look at how to remove links properly.)


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