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Not feeling poor enough? Check out this guy’s ‘temporary’ setup. [Setups]


Believe it or not, the main setup has three Pro XDR Displays in it.
Believe it or not, the main setup has three Pro XDR Displays in it.

Sometimes looking at computer setups is all about practicality, as in finding the right tools for the job at the right price. But other times it’s like ogling other cool stuff you wish you had, like pimped-out cars or beachfront real estate.

Today’s featured setup is a funny one, in that regard. It’s a “temporary” setup, just getting by in lieu of a bigger, better setup. But its gear could make many people drool with desire.

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Mac Pro? M1 Max MacBook? Nice display? It’s a ‘temporary’ setup of the gods.

Apple reseller and Redditor MzeRS works in design and development. “The Tech Detective: Just a Belgian guy on an adventure. Content Creator and Designer. I unbox and review anything Tech related,” his Reddit description says.

He showcased his setup in a post entitled, “Temporary setup, it fits my needs perfectly.”

Looking at the relatively luxe setup, which features a gleaming cheese-grater Mac Pro and a 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro, Redditors began commenting in droves.

“I feel violently poor looking at this,” one said.

“It’s a good thing this hideous setup is only temporary!” said another.

“Yeah let us know when you get some upgrades,” quipped a third.

“No XDR display?? This must be what poverty looks like,” came a fourth sarcastic reply. And this one got a response. So hold onto your self-esteem and your sad little bank account if you can.

“I have a total of 3 XDRs in the main setup where my other Mac Pro is as well. So yes, I have XDRs,” pronounced MzeRS. So that’s three Pro Display XDRs, or about $18,000 worth of them. And another Mac Pro.

A 3-Pro XDR Display setup awaits

As it happens, “The Tech Detective” is between offices.

“At the moment I’m rebuilding the whole office and wall mounting the XDRs, speakers, etc. It’ll be done soon and will be posted,” he said.

It’s pretty funny that his currently posted workstation is only a temporary setup, given the high-end hardware. But something even greater this way comes. And if you think he skimped on the computers’ specs, guess again.

“I pretty much went all out on the specs,” MzeRS said, predictably.

Mac Pro specs: 7.1 Xeon 28 core, 1.5TB RAM, dual W6800X graphics and 4TB SSD

At our rate of pay we can’t afford to scour the whole internet in search of that exact machine, but we slummed around a bit and found a very similar one for only $41,399. Score. Maybe just refinance the house and get on that.

16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro specs: 32-core GPU, 64GB unified memory and 4TB SSD

We found one with a 24‑core GPU, 64GB of unified memory and a 2TB SSD for $4,149 — maybe within a grand of MzeRS’s machine.

A commenter asked how the Huawei Mateview display compares with the MacBook’s display.

“Can’t really compare the two,” MzeRS replied. “The MateView is a great cheap monitor but for color accuracy it’s totally a joke. It’s fine just for YouTube or general daily use but not so much for color correction.”

The $650 display gets 3840 x 2560 pixel resolution at 1.5 million pixels. It’s actually rated at a little above the 4K standard. So it’s very nice for a variety of uses, but it’s not for everyone.

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