Next Macs and iPhones: Whose bump will be bigger? [The CultCast] | Cult of Mac

Next Macs and iPhones: Whose bump will be bigger? [The CultCast]


CultCast 541: M2 Macs and iPhone 14: Which gets a bigger bump? The CultCast episode 541
Looks like 2022 is gonna be bumpin'!
Image: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: It sounds like Apple is planning nearly a dozen new Macs with a next-gen M2 processor. The question is, just how big of a speed bump will that new chip bring? And then there’s iPhone 14, which sounds like it might come with a very big bump indeed — and not the kind you might be hoping for.

Also on The CultCast:

  • The original HomePod never ceases to surprise.
  • iPhone 14 could be the ultimate smartphone for narcissists.
  • Apple might be prepping an ingenious hybrid device to take over your living room.
  • When you’re tired of wearing earbuds, you’ve got options. Very strange options.

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This week’s top Apple news

On the show this week: Your host Erfon Elijah (@erfon) and Cult of Mac managing editor Lewis Wallace (@lewiswallace).

Here are the headlines we’re talking about on this week’s show:

And here are the interesting and weird earbuds alternatives we discuss:

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