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Apple TV+ The Big Conn trailer tracks fraudster’s $550 million scam and run from the law


"The Big Conn" is a four-part Apple TV+ documentary series and podcast coming May 6.
Photo: Apple TV+

Former eastern Kentucky lawyer Eric C. Conn is notorious for committing the largest-ever Social Security fraud, bilking the U.S. government and taxpayers out of $550 million. Plus, he partied with porn stars and opened a brothel before leading authorities on a major chase.

Apple TV+ covers the whole sordid affair like a blanket, judging by the new trailer for upcoming documentary series and podcast, The Big Conn.

The Big Conn trailer

The trailer below for The Big Conn lays out the basics of the ugly tale in compelling fashion. It makes the four-part documentary series — and a companion podcast — look like an entertaining piece of storytelling. They’re set to debut on Apple TV+ and Apple Podcasts on May 6.

In the trailer, Conn seems to fit his billing as an eastern Kentucky “baller,” truly a larger-than-life character. After all, he brazenly perpetrated the biggest Social Security fraud in history. The Big Conn takes a thorough look at his wild lifestyle, the people and institutions he victimized, and his inevitable flight from the long arm of the law.

The trailer describes Conn, one of the highest-profile lawyers in Appalachia, as someone whose celebrity was inevitable. He threw his wealth at porn stars, staged outrageous parties and even started up a Halloween-themed brothel.

Eventually, law enforcement took a keen interest. Conn led them on a wild chase way south of the border.

Watch the trailer below:


Emmy Award-nominated filmmakers James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte created The Big Conn. FunMeter produced it, with Hernandez, Lazarte and Peter King serving as executive producers. Matt Kaye and Shannon Pence served as co-executive producers.

Subscribers can watch the four-part documentary series on Apple TV+ and listen to the companion show on Apple Podcasts when they premiere on May 6.

Apple TV+ is available by subscription for $4.99 per month, or via any tier of the Apple One subscription bundle, with a seven-day free trial.