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‘Mac setups are cool but Lego Technic is cooler’ [Setups]


Those Lego Technic race cars flying across the wall in the back are almost as complicated as real cars.
Those Lego Technic race cars flying across the wall in the back are almost as complicated as real cars.
Photo: whatsyourname_1@Reddit.com

Who doesn’t like to have a little fun on a Friday, especially when it’s also April Fools’ Day? Not that today’s featured setup is a joke or fake in any way. It’s real. It’s serious. Not as serious as a heart attack, maybe. But it’s a working setup that likes to have a good time, let’s say.

The seriousness stems mainly from a late-model MacBook Pro and a killer ultra-wide LG display. The good time comes from the super-cool Lego Technic racing cars on the wall — two for now, with a third to come. Each one of these things has thousands of pieces.

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‘Mac setups are cool but Lego Technic is cooler’

The quote above is the title of Redditor whatsyourname_1’s recent post. We’ll call him “Name.” Anyway, who’s going to argue with that title? Not the Redditors adding remarks in the comments section. Many of them were all about the Lego cars. Although they also showed a healthy interest in the other gear.

The setup proper is a 16-inch MacBook Pro on a stand connected to 38-inch LG curved, ultra-wide QHD IPS display. The high-end monitor cranks up 3840 x 1600 pixel resolution, a gaming-capable 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time. A BenQ monitor light bar and a webcam sit on top of it.

The input devices are by Logitech and Keychron, which we see in setups at least as often as we see Apple products. In this case, they are a Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse and a Keychron K3 ultra-slim mechanical keyboard.

Another interesting and practical aspect of the setup is its reliance on Ikea’s Uppspel furniture and accessories line. A gaming desk, a rolling drawer unit and a black pegboard for storage on the wall to the left are all included.

Now let’s get to those race cars

On the wall behind the setup, Name currently has two Lego Technic race cars. They’re a classic orange Porsche 911 GTR RS with 2,704 pieces and a lime green Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 with 3,696 pieces. The Porsche is 22 inches long. The Lambo is 23 inches long. Each one costs hundreds of dollars.

Just to give a sense of the complexity of these things, the Lambo’s moving parts include steering, front and rear suspension elements, and a V12 engine with moving pistons. Lego even bothered to include an 8-speed sequential transmission. Not sure what that looks like in Lego pieces, but it sounds cool.

No wonder Lego refers to them as “building projects” more than it calls them “models.” As for Name’s collection, he already has a McClaren F1 (not shown) and hopes to get a Bugatti Chiron.

And by the way, if you like the desktop wallpaper shown on the external and laptop displays, you can find it here.

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