Going ‘ergo everything’ with an M1 MacBook Pro rig [Setups]


Ergonomic furniture and peripherals plus pleasing decor equal comfy setup.
Ergonomic furniture and peripherals plus pleasing decor equal comfy setup.
Photo: YezzirDoodles@Reddit.com

Coincidentally, our last Setups post concerned itself with proper ergonomics, and today’s sticks with the theme. On Friday we wrote about a person making a comfortable and productive workstation out of little more than a laptop. This time, someone has gone “ergo everything” on an M1 MacBook Pro rig with a big external monitor and a nice set of peripherals, furniture and accessories.

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For Redditor YezzirDoodles and their setup — depicted in the post “Ergo Everything” — proper attention to ergonomics for comfort, good posture and repetitive-strain avoidance starts with some basics.

‘Ergo Everything’ starts with the basics

First, Yez’s M1 MacBook Pro and iPad Pro setup sits on a standing Autonomous desk. That lets them stand or sit as needed. This is helpful for people with a history of back trouble and those whose Apple Watches or other fitness trackers are constantly nagging them to stand up.

Second, a computer setup featuring healthful ergonomics can benefit from an adjustable, posture-correcting chair. Yez seems to have one a model we haven’t seen before among Setups: the Duorest Alpha Chair. It has a two-piece backrest that moves with you and helps control how you move to ensure reasonably good posture.

“[It’s] expensive, but my regular chair makes me fidget,” Yez said. “So now I’m down the road of $500-$2,000 friggin’ chairs. It’s a wild design, articulates with you while you stretch and twist!”

Proper peripherals and accessories

Next, Yez has paid careful attention to ergonomics on the desktop. They use a split keyboard to help keep their forearms aligned and their hands well-positioned while typing. In this case, it’s a Goldtouch adjustable ergonomic keyboard.

And with a good keyboard it often pays to have a wrist rest, to keep the wrists straight and to support them to reduce strain. Yez has soft, flexible, bead-based, washable rests in front of the keyboard and in front of the other input devices — a Magic Trackpad and a Logitech Ergo M575 Wireless Trackball Mouse. (Hey, if it’s got “ergo” and “trackball” right in the name, you know it’s about saving you pain from repetitive strain.)

Soothing decor

It’s worth mentioning that Yez also has some soothing decor that helps make for a cozy setup. You can’t go wrong with a few plants. They freshen the air and tend to help ease stress and anxiety.

And this is one of the first setups we’ve seen that employs Nanoleaf Shapes, which are shaped lights you can configure in any design you like on a wall or ceiling. That might do more for mood than a static image.

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