Get an exclusive discount on this great-looking slimline AirTag wallet


Snapback Slim Air AirTag wallet.
You know you want an AirTag wallet. Now the Snapback Slim comes in three colors.
Photo: Nick Augeri

If you want to keep tabs on your credit cards and cash with one of Apple’s new wireless trackers, consider the Snapback Slim Air — a slender leather wallet with a pocket on the side for an AirTag.

The Snapback Slim Air is a trendy slim wallet, a style that’s currently all the rage. It comes in three colors and is designed to slide into your front pocket like a money clip. It holds up to six cards, a few folded bills and an AirTag. And we have an exclusive discount code for Cult of Mac readers.

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A rare AirTag wallet

Apple’s AirTag is about the size of a half-dollar coin, but nearly four times as thick. It’s way too chonky to slip into a traditional wallet. But finding an AirTag-compatible wallet is tricky.

Some vendors sell plastic grids that hold an AirTag and slide inside a regular wallet. And a clever DIYer disassembled an AirTag to squeeze the tracker into a wallet.

But those options are hacks.

Enter the Snapback Slim Air wallet for AirTag

Snapback Slim Air: This AirTag wallet comes in three color options, black, brown and the new espresso.
This AirTag wallet comes in three color options, black, brown and espresso.
Photo: Nick Augeri

Enter the Snapback Slim Air, one of the first good-looking AirTag wallets we’ve seen.

“It’s handcrafted in the USA, made from premium Italian leather, and stays slim with the unique design/cutout for the AirTag,” said Nick Augeri, who launched the project on Kickstarter.

The Snapback Slim Air is a simple slimline wallet. It has two pockets: one for cash and cards, the other for the AirTag. The design couldn’t be simpler or more elegant. And the slim AirTag wallet comes in black, brown and a new, darker espresso color.

The Snapback Slim Air normally costs $55, but we’re offering Cult of Mac readers an exclusive $5 discount. Simply enter the code CULTOFMAC5 at checkout to save $5 on any purchase through the company’s website.

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