Brydge 11 Max+ keyboard case turns smallest iPad Pro into a micro laptop

Brydge’s new keyboard case turns smallest iPad Pro into a laptop with big capabilities


Brydge 11 Max+ keyboard case is built for hardcore iPad Pro users
Brydge 11 Max+ is a premium keyboard case for the 11-inch iPad Pro with a large trackpad.
Photo: Brydge

The Brydge 11 Max+ is a clip-on keyboard designed to make an 11-inch iPad Pro into a very portable clamshell notebook. It magnetically attaches to the tablet and adds a backlit keyboard and trackpad.

After being announced earlier this year, the product is now available in stores starting Wednesday.

Built for hardcore iPad Pro users

“The new 11 Max+ targets Pro users who are looking to make the iPad Pro 11-inch their primary device, and want nothing but the best,” says Brydge. It is also compatible with the iPad Air 4.

This company has made iPad keyboards for many years but these all used clips to hold the tablet. Its newest model employs a very different design. It has a back cover that holds the iPad Pro in place with magnets. This more protective and makes inserting and removing the tablet easier.

The keyboard connects via Bluetooth 5.0, not the Smart Connector, but Brydge promises it will “connect instantly with zero lag, providing a seamless experience.” Plus, the backlit keys have three levels of brightness. And a Escape key.

The trackpad is 4.0 inches by 2.4 inches. And it supports the native iPadOS multi-touch features.

Brydge 11 Max+ available now

Brydge 11 Max+ costs $199.99 in either space grey or white. It can be found starting Wednesday on the Brydge website, and will soon be on Amazon and in Verizon stores.

While pricey, this keyboard case costs much less than the rival Apple Magic Keyboard — the version for the 11-inch iPad Pro/iPad Air 4 is $299.

Those with a 12.9-inch iPad Pro shouldn’t feel left out. The Brydge 12.9 Max+is there for you.