Apple Clips and iMovie bag new features for iPhone 13


iPhone 13 with Cinematic mode
ProRes and Cinematic video now supported.
Photo: Apple

Apple has rolled out a couple of pretty notable updates for its Clips and iMovie apps, adding a number of features for iPhone 13. Both now support ProRes video and the new Cinematic camera mode, as well as ProRAW photos.

iPhone 13 and 13 Pro land this Friday, and many of their improvements are focused on helping you take even greater photos and videos. They pack better camera sensors that let in more light, and new features like Photographic Styles.

Clips and iMovie updated for iPhone 13

One of the most impressive additions is the new Cinematic mode for video, available both iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, which elegantly adjusts your camera’s focus for a seamless transition between subjects — like you see in the movies.

iPhone 13 Pro models also offer ProRes support — coming in a future software update sometime before the end of the year — which gives video editors greater control over their recordings during post-processing.

And you won’t have to wait to take advantage of all these features inside Clips and iMovie. Both apps have now been updated to support Cinematic mode and ProRes video. The updates also add ProRAW image support.

The latest versions of Clips and iMovie are available to download from the App Store now, and they’re completely free to use.