Early benchmarks show big performance gains for iPhone 13

Early benchmarks show big performance gains for iPhone 13


iPhone 13 Pro
Graphics performance is up more than 50% over iPhone 12 Pro.
Photo: Apple

iPhone 13’s new A15 Bionic chip brings big performance improvements over its predecessor, early benchmarks reveal. User can expect huge gains in graphics power, in particular, as well as noticeable gains in CPU performance.

Apple was keen to point out during its iPhone 13 unveiling on Tuesday that its new A15 Bionic chip is up to 50% faster than the leading competition. But it didn’t tell us what kind of improvements to expect over the A14 Bionic.

Now, thanks to early benchmarks posted to Geekbench, we have an idea of the gains we can expect — and they don’t disappoint.

iPhone 13 is considerably faster than iPhone 12

Like the A14, the new A15 boasts a six-core CPU. That includes two efficiency cores that don’t sap too much power when you’re performing simple tasks, and four high-performance cores that kick in when they’re needed.

It seems, however, that those cores are faster this year. iPhone 13 and 13 Pro achieve similar scores for CPU performance in benchmarks, with the latter racking up 1,738 points in single-core tests, and 4,766 in multi-core tests.

Those results represent a roughly 10% increase in single-core performance and an 18% increase in multi-core performance over the A14. When it comes to CPU improvements, that’s a significant jump in just one year.

But even more impressive than that is the massive leap in graphical power.

It gets better

Metal benchmarks performed on iPhone 13 Pro, which features a new five-core GPU like iPad mini, returned a score of 14,216. That’s a whopping 55% increase over the 9,123 points achieved by the A14 inside iPhone 12 Pro.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, despite carrying the same CPU as the Pro models, stick with a four-core GPU like the A14, so their gains aren’t quite as impressive. But they’re certainly not bad, achieving a score of 10,608.

No matter which iPhone 13 model you go for, then, you can expect sizable increases in both CPU and GPU power. And considering the A14 in iPhone 12 is still a powerhouse one year on, that’s positive news for power users.

Via: MacRumors