Google mercilessly mocks those pretentious Apple videos Jony Ive used to make


Google hilariously mocks Jony Ive’s Apple product videos
“Engineered for optimal haptic feedback to deliver the satisfying feeling of… click.”
Screenshot: Google

A new video for the Google Pixel 5a pokes fun at the ones Jony Ive used to make gushing about the smallest details in designs of Apple products.

While an homage, the video also exhibits a cutting edge. It highlights the new Android smartphone’s headphone jack, a feature Ive removed from iPhones. Still, Apple fans shouldn’t miss this well-made parody:

In the Pixel 5a video, a narrator with a British accent talks about the care and forethought that went onto the sheer roundness of the new smartphone’s headset jack. It’s so very … circular.

Remembering Jony Ive

Jony Ive joined Apple in 1992 and led its design team starting in 1996. The iconic designs they created under his leadership are credited for helping rescue the company from the brink of bankruptcy.

The only reason Google’s new video mocking the incredibly successful designer falls a bit flat is that Ive left Apple in 2019.

It’s a been a while. Those with only hazy recollections of the Ive videos should watch this one from the launch of the 2014 Apple Watch to refresh their memories: