China is already churning out Apple Watch Series 7 clones


We’re still weeks away from Apple Watch Series 7’s official debut, but that hasn’t stopped Chinese manufacturers from churning out their clones. The knockoffs feature flatter designs that could closely match the real thing.

Apple Watch is expected to get its biggest overhaul yet this fall. The curvy design we’ve been accustomed to since the wearable’s introduction is set to be replaced by a squarer form factor that makes room for a bigger screen.

Renders have given us a glimpse of what we can expect from Apple Watch Series 7, but now we have something a little more lifelike: Counterfeit devices that that could look almost identical to the real thing.

Apple Watch Series 7 clones attack

Twitter tipster Majin Bu has published a series of photos that show various models of Apple Watch Series 7 knockoffs, which are now on sale in China for as little as $60. They available in both aluminum and stainless steel variants.

The clones are likely based on Apple Watch Series 7 rumors, so they may not be completely accurate representations of the actual device. But they may be based on the leaked CAD drawings other sources have obtained.

In addition to its squarer design, which will allow for larger 41mm and 45mm displays, the next-generation Apple Watch is expected to be around 1.7mm thinner than Series 6. It should also be compatible with existing bands.

Clones not new to China

Knockoff Apple devices are incredibly common (and popular) in China, where it is more difficult for companies to crack down on copyright and trademark infringement. But Cupertino has been trying to put a stop to it.

Apple now has a team exclusively dedicated to battling counterfeit goods. Many look almost identical to the real thing — in terms of hardware, at least — but are available for significantly less than genuine Apple goods.