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Sometimes it’s what’s under the desk that counts [Setups]


This setup's so clean in part because of what's under that desk.
This setup's so clean in part because of what's under that desk.

At a glance you can see that Redditor iEdwinT’s computer setup is spare and neat. You might call it elegant. How does he do it? That’s really down to what you can’t see — a fairly simple but effective cable management operation going on under the desk.

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On the desk: a spare and symmetrical setup

In his setup, Edwin keeps a MacBook Pro closed on a stand on the right side of the Autonomous SmartDesk Core. An ultrawide monitor provides the centerpiece. Two shaded table lamps at the corners of the desk offer a sense of symmetry.

Besides those things, on the desktop sits a Magic Keyboard with a number pad and a Magic Mouse 2 with a Magic Grip.

There’s also a CalDigit TS3 Plus Thunderbolt 3 Dock. The dock makes it easy for Edwin and his girlfriend to swap in and out their MacBooks when it’s their turn at the desk, Edwin said.

Slick ultrawide curved display

The MBP is tethered to a new, 38-inch LG Curved Ultrawide QHD Monitor. It’s a slick display.

It offers a Nano IPS Display with 3840 x 1600 pixel resolution. A 1ms response time and a 144Hz refresh rate make it suitable for gaming. And it features Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. Good features like those cost money, though — about $1,600 in this case.

Under the desk: DIY cable management

One commenter asked a Edwin’s power strip, shown mounted under the desk in the second photo.

“The power strip is one that I found at Lowe’s that acts as a surge protector up to 1500 Jules,” Edwin said. “It had these little mounting brackets that slid on to either side. I bought some L brackets, wood screws, nuts, bolts, and washers to put it all together.”

The mount under the desk essentially eliminates the cable clutter so many people struggle with.

Cable management via a rack for the power strip and a bunch of zip ties.
Cable management via a rack for the power strip and a bunch of zip ties.

“My favorite part about it is that when the desk moves up and down there is only 1 cable coming down,” Edwin said. “And even then, it’s mostly hidden because the majority of it is behind the Alex drawer.”

To another commenter complaining of “cables everywhere,” he simply said: “Some sort of rack, reusable zip ties, and a trip to the hardware store did the trick. Lol.”

‘Reminder: We are never done.’

Another commenter wanted to know how the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro rolled over the carpet, its casters being directly on it.

“Do you find it hard to pull the chair over carpet? I can’t figure out if it’s my chair or my carpet, but it skips all over the place for me. Curious how your experience compares,” he asked.

“Yes, it’s a bit rough,” Edwin replied. “I’m planning on getting a floor mat for it.”

And then came the last comment, and a telling one:

“Reminder: We are never done.”

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