Use any device like a full desktop computer with this Parallels Pro alternative, now less than $6 a month  


Launch any desktop on any device with this Parallels alternative.
Access your desktop on any device, from anywhere, with this game-changing app.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Fed up with carrying a laptop everywhere with you as well as multiple other devices — or worse, being chained to your desk, just so you can use the capabilities of your desktop PC? In today’s world of remote and hybrid working, you should really be able to enjoy all the benefits of working from anywhere, which is why we were excited to discover Shells™ Personal Cloud Computer.

This game-changing software allows you to run your desktop computer from anywhere, by storing it in the cloud. That means accessing your cloud computer anywhere, and unlocking the full capabilities of a desktop on literally any device. Coding on your TV? Sure! Working on your iPad on your commute? Never been easier! Accessing the files you need, on the go? You’ll never be without them.

Even better, today we’re offering a one-year subscription to the service on sale for just $64.99 — a 54% discount from the regular price of $143. Giving you both the functionality of Mac and Windows apps, that makes it a cheaper alternative to the popular Parallels Pro software, too.

Powered by the cloud, Shells allows you to launch your virtual desktop on any device in less than five minutes. It means your computer is with you anywhere, anytime, ready to download, store, access, and edit your files, without having to carry any extra tech with you.

Automatic backups mean that your data is always safe in the cloud — and you can be sure it’s securely protected thanks to end-to-end encryption, which ensures that all your data will always stay private.

Shells has been raved about in some of the world’s biggest tech publications, including TechRadar Pro and TechRepublic, while Geekflare named it as one of the Best Virtual Desktop Solution for Individuals or Businesses. 

Start using any device as a full desktop computer today with a Shells™ Personal Cloud Computer One-Year Subscription, on sale for 54% off now at just $64.99 (reg. $143). 

Prices subject to change.