Save an extra 15% on a new ring light webcam for your streaming or conferencing needs


This ring light webcam is perfect for streaming or conferencing
Meet All Your Streaming & Video Meeting Needs with This Webcam’s 1080p Resolution, Autofocus, and 3-Level Adjustable LED Light.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

After a year where a good portion of your social interactions likely took place on screen, you probably noticed that most webcams aren’t particularly flattering. And when digital audio is all you hear, you might notice that it isn’t completely authentic to what people sound like unless you have an expensive mic. Instead of buying a ring light to bring out the best of your features or the type of mic professional podcasters use, all you need to make your streaming and video presence authentic and smooth is this 1080P HD Webcam with Oval LED Ring Light. It helps that it has both an excellent mic and a ring light built in, and for a limited time you can get one on sale for $31.44 if you use the coupon code ANNUAL15. Or, if you use that same code, you can get two for $50.99, three for $72.24, or four for $93.49, so everyone in your household can be shown in their best light.

The HD camera captures video in crisp 1080p, and the built-in, one-touch adjustable LED ring light makes it so the video captures you in a soft light. There’s a reason so many YouTubers and photographers use ring lights for everything. They make you look fantastic without actually changing anything about you. With this light, you can switch between three brightness levels, so you aren’t stuck glowing if you’re in a dimmer room. 

Webcam microphones are often as grainy and jumbled as they would be if you were in a meeting underwater. When you’re trying to talk online at home, there’s the added problem of background noise from pets and cars and fans. The Ring Light Webcam comes with a built-in noise reduction microphone that will give you much clearer conversations. It’ll be like you’re actually in the same room with your coworkers and friends again.

This versatile camera is perfect for streaming, meetings, making videos, or just talking to friends. There is no setup process, other than just plugging the thing in, so you don’t need any complicated tech skills. It works great for Zoom or any other web conferencing app.

Get one webcam for $31.44, two for $50.99, three for $72.24, or four for $93.49 when you use the code ANNUAL15 for an extra 15% off during Cult of Mac’s semi-annual sale. 

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