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This web conferencing tool is the best alternative to Zoom — and it’s on sale


This discounted web conference solution will help streamline your business
Who needs Zoom anyway? You won't with one of these lifetime subs to ElevenSight.
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Even though many companies are beginning to work in person again, working from home isn’t going away anytime soon. Even Apple backtracked on its plan to get employees back in the office.

With WFH still in play, video conferencing and connecting digitally continues to offer a convenient way to interact at a more personal level than a phone call or email. And as online work evolves and grows, the media we use to connect also changes and improves.

ElevenSight is one of the best browser-based web conferencing solutions around, and the best Zoom alternative you’ll find. For a limited time, you can pick from three different ElevenSight subscription plans — E-Line, Starter and SMB. They’re all lifetime plans, and they’re all on sale now.

A proven Zoom alternative

ElevenSight is a fantastic tool that packs a ton of useful features into an easy-to-use interface. You can schedule, host or join HD video or audio meetings from your browser or mobile device. You can set your meetings to record the video, so you never miss a moment or forget a detail. Plus, you can share files as easily as you could hand them to someone in person.

E-Line Plan

The E-Line Plan is the cheapest of the three ElevenSight options, coming in at $19.99. But it still gives you a bunch of fun features. You get one user on your account, and you can schedule audio or video calls that can run for unlimited time.

During your meetings, you can share your screen, chat, share files and more. (With the screen- and file-sharing capability, you could create a video presentation you can give live or send to your co-workers with no problem.)

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is on sale for $35 and gives you access to some unique and useful capabilities. Beyond all the features of the E-Line plan, Starter gives you three-way calling, call forwarding and a personal meeting room address. No downloads or sign-ins are required of anybody coming to your meetings, either.

SMB Plan

The SMB Plan brings together everything from the E-Line and Starter plans with even more to add, and it’s on sale for $109.99. With this all-inclusive plan, you get five users, five e-line addresses, five personal meeting room addresses, and the website super button.

The super button offers an incredibly convenient tool when you want to reach others (or be reached by them) easily. It’s one of the reasons why ElevenSight earned 5 stars on Capterra.

Save on ElevenSight web conferencing

You can get the lifetime E-Line, Starter or SMB plans from ElevenSight on sale for $19.99, $35 and $109.99 respectively for a limited time.

Prices subject to change