New Fjorden camera grip gives your iPhone DSLR controls


The Fjorden iPhone grip and MagSafe-compatible case turn your phone into a DSLR.
The Fjorden iPhone grip and MagSafe-compatible case turn your phone into a DSLR.
Photo: Fjorden

A Kickstarter campaign pushes a new iPhone camera grip and MagSafe case combo called the Fjorden. It promises to turn your iPhone into a DSLR camera — while still fitting in your pocket. Its physical camera controls might make a lot of photographers very happy.

An Oslo, Norway-based camera startup called Fjorden makes the gear, which is designed to bring the feel of a dedicated camera to your smartphone. It has a shutter button and dials you can customize, just like on a proper camera. You can read more about the physical features and the app that comes with the Fjorden below.

The Fjorden system is compatible with all models in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series. The company’s plan is for it to fit upcoming models, as well.

The Fjorden Grip and case: slim form factor

Part of the project’s goal was to maintain a slim form factor so the phone can still fit in a pocket. The Fjorden grip is 10.7mm deep (21mm including the optional MagSafe case). Maybe not everyone will want it in their pocket, but someone who always wanted their iPhone to be more of a proper camera probably will.

Previous attempts to add physical camera controls to smartphones include Shiftcam ProGrip and the Pictar Smart Grip.

In addition to a slimmer profile, two features the Fjorden has over many similar products are a MagSafe-compatible case and a quick-release clip so you can easily remove the grip when you don’t need it.

Physical camera features

The Fjorden offers several physical camera controls that mimic a true DSLR camera:

  • A two-stage shutter button lets you press halfway to focus and all the way to take the photo.
  • The control dial can be customized to you adjust settings, such as exposure and shutter speed, with no need to touch the screen.
  • A multi-function button is also customizable. You can use it to trigger functions like a flash, select a picture mode or something else you want it to do.
  • A zoom lever lets you switch iPhone lenses to zoom in or out.

Fjorden Camera App features

Fjorden offers an app it says works with Apple’s photography tools. The company said the Fjorden will be compatible with other apps, like Obscura and ProCamera, by the time it launches in February 2022.

Fjorden lists its app’s features as they appear below. It said Kickstarter backers will receive priority beta test access (via TestFlight).

  • Compatibility with all iPhones running iOS 14 or newer
  • Exposure Controls: EV, Shutter Speed, ISO; Exposure/Focus Lock
  • Focusing Modes: AI Object Tracking, AF-Single, Manual with Focus Peaking
  • White Balance: Auto, Presets, or Manual (Kelvin)
  • Lens Switching and Digital Zoom
  • Classic Film Simulations
  • File Formats: RAW, ProRAW (depending on iPhone model), JPG, HEIC
  • Other: Grids, Timers, Flash Modes

The Fjorden will ship with a built-in kickstand and compatibility with Moment’s M-Series lenses, which can be snapped onto the Fjorden’s optional MagSafe case. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of of a wait. Shipping is scheduled for February 2022.

Price: $129 early-bird pledge for Fjorden Grip and back plate adapter; $149 for Grip and MagSafe case

Where to buy: Kickstarter