Convert your iPhone into an easier-to-use camera with a Pictar Smart Grip


smart grip
Don't let fumbling around with on-screen controls ruin your next snapshot.
Photo: Pictar

The latest iPhone models have cameras that far exceed most users’ photography skills. Even some professional photographers build portfolios exclusively using their trusty smartphones. Ever wonder how you can replicate their results and take your iPhone photography to the next level?

You’re not alone: That’s exactly why the team at Pictar developed the Pictar Smart Grip, a powerful smartphone camera grip that gives users control like never before. Available for a limited time at just $73.99, the Pictar Smart Grip is a convenient camera tool that will have you smiling in photos all summer long.

Camera grip gives you total control of your smartphone

The Pictar Smart Grip snaps onto most iPhones and leading Android models, connecting seamlessly to your phone through a user-friendly app. With just five buttons, the Pictar Smart grip can do just about everything, including zooming in on subjects, snapping self-portraits and adjusting the exposure on sunny afternoons or moonlight nights.

Rather than a battery-draining Bluetooth connection, the Smart Grip utilizes a patented, revolutionary interface that uses sound frequencies to activate the camera. Designed for mobile photographers of all levels, the Smart Grip allows users to get more from their smartphone while filling in that nostalgic feel of a handheld digital camera.

Leading reviewers love it, with Digital Trends saying that “Pictar Pro makes phones even more DSLR-like,” and Digital Photography Review saying the accessory “makes the phone feel much more like a ‘real’ camera.”

Save on Pictar Smart Grip

If you want improved smartphone photo quality, plus the ease of a handheld digital camera, look no further than the incredibly convenient Pictar Smart Grip. Priced for a limited time at a 17% discount, the Pictar Smart Grip can be yours right now for just $73.99.

Prices subject to change.