Make your M1 MacBook Air setup as light as, um, air [Setups]


The laptop's not the only thing about this setup that feels light.
The laptop's not the only thing about this setup that feels light.
Photo: cosmiccrispapple@Reddit

Many people have a thing for clean, simple computer setups where distractions are minimized and productivity — of whatever type — is maximized. Redditor CosmicCrispApple seems to find a Zen-like state simply by emphasizing the color white with some black contrast on the desk.

But it’s really not that simple. You also have to keep things, well, simple. And if you do it right, your setup can look and feel as light as air.

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M1 MacBook Air setup: color scheme

A lot of white coloration — the Autonomous Standing Desk, the Kanto desktop speakers, the Keychron K6 mechanical keyboard, the walls — certainly helps. Especially if the other main shade is black, and it appears only here and there, like in the speaker grills and the keyboard base.

Then the display, in this case an LG 27-inch QHD monitor, really pops with color.

And by the way, if you covet those Kanto desktop speakers, CosmicCrispApple recommends adding a subwoofer to beef up their low end.

Keep it simple. Really simple.

Another fundamental for a soothing setup is to keep things uncluttered. Have the gear you need and don’t leave anything else laying around.

“That was (mostly) my goal,” CosmicClearApple replied to a compliment about the setup’s minimal distraction potential. “The light on the speakers is a bit of a distraction so I’m looking into a blackout sticker option that will work to hide it.”

When the light on small desktop speakers is a distraction, you know you have a thing about distractions.

Second monitor? Not right now, thanks.

And in terms of keeping things simple, CosmicCrispApple really does use only the necessary gear. Even their iPad Pro is hidden behind the M1 MacBook Air. And the MacBook Air itself? It’s tucked away on a stand behind the monitor rather than standing by as a second monitor.

“As of right now I have no need for a second display,” CosmicCrispApple replied to a query. “I also have an iPad Pro hidden behind the MacBook that I can Sidecar with, as well. School isn’t until the fall so for now this is my ‘casual web-browsing’ and YouTube machine.”

Hoist the display and hide the cables

Another question among Redditors admiring the setup: How did you hide the cables?

“I got the optional cable tray for the Autonomous desk,” CosmicCrispApple said. “It also has two grommet holes that I used to bring the cables down into the tray.”

Getting the monitor up off the desk with an arm helps, too. In this case the LG monitor is fixed to the LG Ergo monitor arm. The arm can be fastened to the desk through drilled holes or by clamping. This one is clamped.

Shout out for an old Apple accessory and wooden wrist rests

A Redditor noticed AirPods charging in an odd spot. Turns out CosmicCrispApple uses an old iPhone Lightning Dock for the task.

Some of the black accents in the setup’s white color scheme come from a set of two Glorious Wooden Wrist Rests, one for the keyboard and one for the mouse. One Redditor expressed doubt about the comfort such things offer.

“I also expected it to be uncomfortable, but since the standard ones didn’t help and I have wrist issues, I figured, why not?” CosmicCrispApple replied. “Shockingly, it’s been more comfortable over long periods than anything else I’ve tried thus far.”

And those black wooden wrist rests help with the light-as-air color scheme.

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