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When the only way to go is up [Setups]


When you can't built out, built up.
When you can't built out, built up.
Photo: xelferz@Reddit

Some computer setups are a little like Manhattan. When you have nowhere else to build horizontally, the only way to go is vertical. Hence the monitor tower seen in Redditor xelferz’s MacBook Pro-and iPad Air-based workstation.

Pressed into the corner of a narrow room with a vaulted ceiling, xelferz’s setup stacks a 34-inch LG ultrawide display on top of a 49-inch, curved ultrawide LG display. A webcam sits on top of the lower screen. The whole thing looks a bit like a tree.

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Having an Ikea Karlby beechwood tabletop custom-cut to fit the space helped, certainly, but that’s not the only reason Europe-based IT consultant xelferz fit a lot into a small area.

A desk mount for when the only way to go is up

The key to the screen-based skyscraper in the photo is the NewStar Flat Screen Desk Mount Clamp used to position and hold both monitors in landscape mode.

Xelferz drilled a hole through the desk and used a grommet to fix the mount.

“This really helps with the overall stability over using a clamp mount,” he said, assuring a commenter the monitors don’t move much. “There is no wiggle room in daily use and the monitors also don’t shake if I type.”

Even when he sat on the desk to mount the smaller monitor and shook the whole structure on purpose, it had little impact on the ultrawide display below.

The biggest downside, he added, is that he can’t adjust the monitors. They’re mounted in a fixed position.

Even a vertical mouse, rarely seen in the wild

Another commenter asked how it felt using the Logitech MX Vertical Mouse. They’re considering it or the more commonly seen (and shaped) Logitech MX Master 3.

“I love using the vertical mouse for extended periods of time. My shoulder tends to get fatigued due to some sports injuries in the past and this mouse helps mitigate that issue. I also have massive hands and a larger mouse helps with the fit,” xelferz said.

He added that he also has and recommends the MX Master 2S. He uses it occasionally for basic work and casual gaming with his home PC setup.

And, or course, a mechanical keyboard

Xelferz rounds out his peripherals list with a mechanical keyboard, of course. After all, they’re everywhere. This is not one of the mainstays we’re used to seeing in setups. It’s the Iqunix F96 Coral Sea Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches.

Xelferz loves it.

“It has a full set of keys without any spacing in between and the typing experience is very pleasant,” he enthused in response to a query. “[It is] also quite heavy and very well built. All things considered, I’d say it’s worth the hefty price tag.”

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