iPad mini 6 redesign might usher in USB-C, smaller Apple Pencil

iPad mini 6 redesign might usher in USB-C, smaller Apple Pencil


iPad mini 6 could be the redesign so many people have been hoping for.
The iPad mini 6 will reportedly be revamped to add features from the iPad Pro and Air series.
Photo: RendersbyIan/ Front Page Tech

A significantly redesigned iPad mini 6 could drop its Lightning port in favor of USB-C, according to a new unconfirmed report. And a smaller Apple Pencil could be produced for it.

The tablet already drew quite a bit of attention because it’s expected to offer a nearly edge-to-edge screen, dumping the hefty bezels in the current version.

Tipster Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech claims to have obtained, “blend schematics, CAD files, as well as real hands-on images with the newly redesigned iPad mini.” He teamed up with RendersbyIan to produce images of the tablet. These match earlier leaked CAD drawings and 3D mockups of the device.

iPad mini 6 spec changes

Apple’s next miniature iPadOS computer will be 8.12 inches by 5.43 in. by 0.24 in., according to Prosser. By comparison, the current iPad mini 5 is 8.0 inches by 5.3 in. by 0.24 in.

The tipster didn’t say how large the screen in the iPad mini 6 will be, but the reduction in bezels should allow it to be noticeably bigger than the 7.9-inch display in the current version. A Touch ID fingerprint scanner will allegedly be placed under the screen.

The supposed move from Lightning to USB-C might signal that Apple is going to switch all its tablets to this connector. The iPad Pro and iPad Air models already have USB-C ports.

The speakers are reportedly getting an upgrade in the iPad mini 6. Plus, Prosser claims a new, smaller version of the Apple Pencil will be released for this tablet. That could be the one that appeared in a leaked image this spring.

The sixth-generation iPad mini won’t launch until later in 2021 according to multiple sources, including Ming-Chi Kuo. Pricing is unknown at this time.