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Some iMac colors won’t make it to Apple Store shelves


M1 iMac color options
You won't be able to say hello to all of them in store, though.
Photo: Apple

The redesigned M1 iMac marks the first time in about 20 years that Apple will sell its desktop Macs in multiple color options. But don’t expect to find all of them on display in your local Apple Store.

According to a press release published Thursday by Apple, only the green, pink, blue and silver iMacs will be available through physical Apple Store locations. To get your hands on the orange, yellow and purple color options, you’ll have to order online.

Apple did not reveal why it divided up the iMac colors like this. One obvious reason not to have all models available in store is the amount of surface area they would take up to showcase on display tables.

While it would be possible to have certain colors in the back in case people ask for them, Apple presumably wants to show as much of its stock as possible. By having a few “online only” variants, it avoids disappointment from those turning up hoping to see, say, an orange iMac in the flesh — only to be told it’s not stocked at that particular store.

A massive flex for Apple

The multicolor iMacs are a massive flex from Apple when it comes to the power of its operations wizardry. Producing computers in the volume Apple requires is tough. Making seven different variants available, and being able to deliver them as demanded, would be downright impossible for most companies. Generally speaking, multiple colors are tough — hence the old Henry Ford mantra about customers having any color car they want, so long as it’s black. If a customer sets their heart on a pink iMac and can’t get it, they may decide against upgrading altogether. The fact that Apple is confident it can manage supplies of the various iMac colors is nothing short of dazzling.

Just don’t expect that they’ll all be available to check out in your local mall’s Apple Store.

Source: Apple

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