Twelve South Forté elevates iPhone 12 MagSafe charging


Twelve South Forté is available now from Apple stores and
The Twelve South Forté is a new iPhone 12 magnetic stand that also charges at 15 watts.
Photo: Twelve South

iPhone 12 users can take advantage of the built-in MagSafe charger with the Twelve South Forté. This stand quickly powers up the handset while also raising it up so it’s ready to be used hands free.

Apple likes the design enough to put it on Apple Store.

Twelve South Forté is the latest MagSafe iPhone stand

All four of the models in the iPhone 12 series offer MagSafe, an improved form of wireless charging that uses magnets to align the handset to the charger. Twelve South took advantage of these magnets with the design of the Forté.

The result is a stand that magnetically clips to the handset and holds is vertically or horizontally. From there, the Apple device is ready to show video or make Facetime or Zoom calls. The elevated charging mat swivels across 70 degrees, letting the user choose their viewing angle.

Unlike some similar stands that don’t fully support MagSafe, the Forté provides the full 15 watts. As a bonus, the charging surface can swivel up to where it’s horizontal, creating a place to charge AirPods.

Twelve South Forté debuted Tuesday on, Apple stores worldwide and It’s $39.95.

Twelve South Forté elevates iPhone 12 MagSafe charging
The hinge on the Twelve South Forté allows the iPhone 12 to swivel to the user’s preferred viewing angle.
Photo: Twelve South

This accessory requires MagSafe so it only supports the iPhone 12 series.

Rival options

Twelve South is far from the only company to make a MagSafe charging stand. The Belkin Boost↑Charge Pro 2-in-1 Wireless Charger uses a somewhat similar design but a much higher pricetag: $99.95.

Or there’s the Anker PowerWave Magnetic 2-in-1 Stand ($35.99) doesn’t fully support MagSafe. It charges the iPhone 12 at half the speed.