Vast majority of iPhone users now run iOS 14


iOS 14 adoption. It’s a good thing.
Nine out of 10 users now using iOS 14.
Photo: Apple

iOS 14 adoption tops 90%, according to figures published by analysts at Mixpanel. The firm’s most recent data shows 90.45% of users with an iPhone or iPad run either iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 on it. That’s an incredibly impressive feat, considering Apple only made the operating systems available in mid-September.

Last time Apple released its own figures, back in late February, the company reported that 80% of iPhones and 70% of iPads ran the new operating systems. Those figures increased to 86% and 84% respectively when focusing on devices from the past four years.

The signs looked good for widespread iOS 14 adoption from the very start. Just a week after its release last year, 30.59% of iPhones already used the operating system. Compare that to the first week of iOS 13 in 2019, when the mobile OS was found on only 20.26% of handsets. iOS 12 achieved only 19.12% adoption after one week.

Apple adoption figures

Apple adoption rates always look particularly good compared to Android. Google no longer provides figures about Android upgrades the way it used to on its developer dashboard webpage. But when Google did reveal that data, it typically showed that the overwhelming majority of users remained stuck on a version of Android several years old. Due to the fragmented Android ecosystem, including different upgrade rollouts depending on device manufacturers, the upgrade process is nowhere near as cohesive as Cupertino’s. Apple, meanwhile, makes it easy for people to rapidly upgrade, with seamless over-the-air updates available to everyone at virtually the same time.

Apple is currently preparing iOS 14.5 for launch. Its marquee feature will be App Tracking Transparency. This is part of Apple’s privacy initiative, helping users to crack down on apps that track them.

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Source: Mixpanel

Via: 9to5Mac