Adobe bundles Photoshop, Fresco, Illustrator for iPad into half-price subscription

Adobe bundles 3 pro iPad apps into half-price subscription


Adobe Design Mobile Bundle includes Illustrator and Photoshop for iPad. And more.
Design like a pro and save a bundle with a collection of Adobe creative apps for iPad.
Photo: Adobe

The new Adobe Design Mobile Bundle combines professional-grade iPad apps for photo editing, graphic design and social media into a single subscription. And the subscription cost is 50% below the software collection’s previous price.

There’s Illustrator and Photoshop for iPad, plus more

In recent years, Adobe has made huge strides in bringing its top-tier applications to Apple tablets. That’s how its bundle can include Photoshop on the iPad, Illustrator on the iPad, and Fresco on the iPad and the iPhone.

The tablet version of Photoshop garnered criticism when it first launched for offering a minimal feature set, but Adobe has built it up considerably since then. Illustrator made the jump from Mac to iPad just a few months ago. But the painting app Fresco has been around since 2019.

And there’s also Adobe Spark, the Creative Cloud Mobile app, 100GB of cloud storage, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Portfolio and Behance included in the iPad app subscription.

Save a bundle on the Adobe Design Mobile Bundle

Adobe Design Mobile Bundle is $14.99 per month or $149.99/year. The company does not offer its professional-grade iPad software for a one-time payment. The cost of the latest subscription is significantly lower than Adobe’s previous bundles because the new one is iPad only.

More information can be found on Adobe’s website and subscriptions are available on the Apple App Store.