Travel the roads to solve the mystery of a perplexing Hitchhiker on Apple Arcade


Versus Evil ’Hitchhiker’ road onto Apple Arcade on Friday
Versus Evil’s Hitchhiker is a mystery story and game in one.
Photo: Versus Evil

Hitchhiker asks players to travel the highways exploring the unknown while also confronting new dangers. It’s sort of a mystery novel in the form of a game. But unlike a book, choices you make when speaking to people you meet affect how it all comes out.

The game launched Friday on Apple Arcade.

Versus Evil developed Hitchhiker, and calls it a “road-trip odyssey about exploring the unknown in order to find yourself.”

Players hitch rides across a strange and beautiful landscape. The drivers your travel with range from stoic farmers to off duty waitresses, and each one has a story to tell. They’ll challenge your grasp on reality, and maybe your philosophy on life. Along the way, players need to solve puzzles without losing track of the larger mystery.

Versus Evil created a trailer to whet people’s interest:

Versus Evil’s Hitchhiker is now on Apple Arcade

Subscribers to Apple Arcade can download Hitchhiker now from the App Store. There are versions for Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. In addition to touchscreens, it supports external game controllers.

Apple’s game service costs $4.99 per month, and comes with over 100 titles. Fans of this game might be interested in Next Stop Nowhere, Beyond a Steel Sky, South of the Circle and Necrobarista, as these all put an emphasis on storytelling.