Hit the road and see the stars in Next Stop Nowhere on Apple Arcade


‘Next Stop Nowhere’ is a character-driven game.
Join unlikely allies to fly across a dusty, deadly galaxy in Next Stop Nowhere.
Photo: Night School Studio

Go on a road trip through space in Next Stop Nowhere, a sci-fi game that hit Apple Arcade on Friday. Take on the role of a courier who gets in over his head in an adventure he might not survive.

Next Stop Nowhere is a road trip adventure story set in a colorful, cutthroat vision of outer space,” said the developer, Night School Studio. “Play as Beckett, a simple courier living a simple life until a chance encounter with former bounty hunter Serra throws him into an adventure he never expected.”

The two must tangle with gangsters and rival bounty hunters as they travel through the outer reaches of a dilapidated galaxy.

But this isn’t a game where the solution to every problem is a fast blaster. This is more like a choose-your-own adventure story with an intelligent conversation system with branching dialogue that changes your relationships and the story based on every decision.

This is a single-person adventure game for Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. It’s for players age 12 and up, and it supports game controllers.

Join Apple Arcade to play Next Stop Nowhere

Next Stop Nowhere debuted Friday on Apple Arcade, a subscription gaming service. It costs $4.99 a month, but includes this and over 100 other games, all for a single payment. And there are no other fees, as Apple bans in-app purchases, ads and loot boxes.

New titles come to this subscription service most Fridays, and a recent addition is Necrobarista, a plot-driven game that serves up “death, coffee and feelings.”