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Racial justice play 12 Angry Men… and Women streams free on Apple TV


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This is the first time a play has been staged at the Steve Jobs Theater.
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For the first time ever, the Steve Jobs Theater is about to become a, well, proper theater through the airing of a play filmed at the Apple Park venue usually used for Apple keynote events.

The play, 12 Angry Men… and Women, is based on the book 12 Angry Men: True Stories of Being a Black Man in America Today. It will be available to watch for free via the Apple TV app from Friday, March 26 through April 22.

The summary of the 2012 book reads as follows:

“True stories of racial profiling in America, which reveals some pointed truths about the nation, as twelve eloquent authors from across the United States tell their personal stories of being racially profiled. Joe Morgan, a former Major League Baseball MVP, who was falsely arrested at LAX; Paul Butler, a federal prosecutor who was detained while walking in his own neighbourhood and King Downing, former head of the ACLU’s racial profiling initiative, who was pursued by National Guardsmen after arriving at Boston airport. A narrative of a different America appears.”

Apple Park’s first play addresses a serious subject

The play, which hasn’t been performed before, will cover the killing of 2020 Breonna Taylor. Twenty-six-year-old Taylor was an African-American woman living in Louisville, Kentucky. She was shot dead one year ago. This was after police officers forced their way into the apartment she was in during a drug dealing investigation. The shooting led to protests about police brutality and racism in the United States. More unrest unfolded when a grand jury did not indict the officers.

12 Angry Men… and Women will also air as a special composer’s special on Apple Podcasts.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has frequently spoken out about racism during his time leading Apple. In a recent letter, titled “Speaking up on racism,” Cook implored people to “stand together” against the “deeply rooted racism” in the United States. Apple has also set up initiatives, and made monetary donations, to help fight racism.

It’s not clear whether this play will be the first of many to hail from the Steve Jobs Theater. Given how Apple represents the intersection of tech and the liberal arts, it would be very fitting if it was.

Source: 9to5Mac