iPhone loyalty soars as Samsung’s takes a nosedive

iPhone loyalty soars as Samsung’s takes a nosedive


Apple vs Samsung
iPhone loyalty is strong. The same can‘t be said for users of Samsung handsets.
Graphic: Cult of Mac

Apple users are more likely than ever to buy a new iPhone, according to survey results released Tuesday. Nearly 92% of current iOS users intend to stick with the platform.

But the situation isn’t so rosy for archrival Samsung, as 26% of Galaxy smartphone users plan to switch to another platform. And most of these switchers have their eye on an iPhone.

The results come from SellCell, which compared the loyalty of more than 5,000 iPhone and Android users.

iPhone users stick with Apple

Loyalty to Apple’s handsets grew to 91.9%, up from 90.5% in 2019. Most of these people said they were happy with their device, though 21% admitted they feel tied into Apple’s ecosystem.

Of the small percentage of users planning to switch, many said Samsung would be their next choice. Those people cited better technology or better designs as a reason to change to Android.

Samsung loyalty strong but slipping

Loyalty among Samsung users fell to 74%, down almost 12 points from 85.7% in 2019. More than half of the people planning to switch away from these Android devices plan to get an iPhone.

Of those intending to give up on Samsung, 31.5% said they were looking for better privacy protection. Apple makes protecting the privacy of users a priority. Galaxy devices run Android, an operating system developed by Google. The search giant generates revenue by collecting information about phone users and selling targeted advertising.

The CellSell survey covered other companies as well.  While 65.2% of current Google Pixel users intend to stick with the brand, only 37.4% of LG users plan to stay with the company. And a mere 29% of Motorola users are sticking.