Simple setup forgoes speakers, rocks Palm Vx as desk clock [Setups]


AirPods Max and Pro stand in for speakers in this setup, which uses a Palm Vx as a desk clock.
AirPods Max and Pro stand in for speakers in this setup, which uses a Palm Vx as a desk clock.
Photo: Singulaffect @ Reddit

Redditor Singulaffect stirred up a swarm of comments recently when posting a MacBook Pro-based setup featuring an LG 21-inch 4K display but no speakers — and two sets of AirPods. But what really stole the show was a Palm Vx from 1999.

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It makes a cool old clock and then some

Singulaffect said in the comments he uses the Palm as a “retro fidget toy/desk clock” and called it “a reminder of simpler, less dystopian days.”

“Ha, it still works and the built-in [Lithium] ion battery still holds a charge,” s/he said. “I only use the Palm Vx in the loosest sense of the word, like I’ll play a game of the Breakout clone for nostalgia’s sake. But you can imagine it doesn’t do much relative to today’s devices.”

Plenty of audio but no speakers

People were curious about the lack of speakers in the setup.

As Singulaffect put it, s/he mostly listens to speakers away from the setup, either in the den or kitchen, so there is no need for dedicated speakers with the computer.

So, at the workstation, it’s headphones all the way. But why two sets of AirPods?

“This is absurd first-world rationalization for having both, but the Pros are easier to pace the room with during voice calls, and they are less distracting on video conferences,” Singulaffect replied to one comment. “The Max is nicer for music and focusing on work.”

Simple setup, but effective

Singulaffect got praise for cable management and revealed it’s essentially some zip ties holding wires together and blending in with the desk’s black legs.

The webcam in use is a Logitech Brio, but only as plug-and-play device. Singulaffect found the software it came with “terrible” and uninstalled it.

Rounding out the simple-but-effective setup are some Open Spaces trays for organizing this and that, and a Zoiliy aluminum headphone stand that “looks nicer than it is,” Singulaffect said.

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