Get $80 off this digital microscope for capturing 1080p videos at 200x zoom


Digital Microscope
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Photo: Veho

If you’re an avid hobbyist who works with electronics or models (or anything else that requires assembly with tiny parts), you know that sometimes it’s impossible to see what you’re building with the naked eye.

That’s where the Veho DX Discovery USB Digital Microscope with Stand comes in handy. It offers crisp zoom of up to 200x to let you see whatever you’re working on. And, if you ever want to create a tutorial video video about it, the Veho DX also gives you the ability to record footage in full HD.

Digital microscopes are better than magnifying lenses

Forget your clunky magnifying lenses. This helpful digital microscope allows you to see things much more clearly whenever you need to zoom into minute details. The 200x magnification won’t warp your viewing proportions and mess up your build job. And, because you can snapshot and record videos in 1920×1080 resolution, you can do everything from creating build instructions, filming YouTube videos or even just tracking your progress (especially if you’re building something on the fly).

The design of the DX-1 USB microscope has been carefully considered. Eight built-in LED lights help adjust the brightness of your view and give you better vision. The DX-1 comes with a fully adjustable cradle arm, which you can remove to convert to a handheld microscope easily. This allows you to zoom in on specific parts of your build for detailed work.

This digital microscope also comes with calibration software, so you can view your tiny projects quickly and use the microscope right out of the box. The calibration software even allows you to record and save measurements to your device, which makes it the perfect at-home companion for science lessons with your children.

This Veho DX Discovery USB Digital Microscope with Stand normally costs $179, but you can get $80 off when you use VEHO80 at checkout

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