Science teacher shows how to make the most of iPads in classrooms


A science teacher’s free ebook shares years of experience using iPad in the classroom.
iPad can be very useful in school. And even more so when the classroom extends out into nature.
Photo: Apple

Jodie Deinhammer wrote the book on using iPad in science classrooms. Literally.

The middle school teacher — and Apple Distinguished Educator — has been using tablets to teach since her district first equipped every student with an iPad in 2014. All that experience went into a new e-book for teachers.

Teacher explains the benefits of iPads in the classroom

Deinhammer currently teaches at the Coppell Middle School East in Dallas, Texas, and has 25 years of experience. There’s no doubt that she’s a fan of Apple’s tablet.

“Students having access to iPad has changed the way learning looks in my classroom,” says the educator. “With iPad, each student can design their own learning path and use resources and accessibility features that cater to their individual needs.”

She and the students in the school’s sustainability club planted a garden, which they tend with the help of their tablets.

“The portability of the iPad allows us to work in the garden and use data-collection sensors, the camera and magnifier, and the Seek app by iNaturalist to classify and identify garden weeds or bugs that we would otherwise not know,” says Deinhammer. “iPad allows kids to see a world literally through a new lens, from magnified images to time-lapse videos. They can capture a world around them that they may not have noticed in the past. I want kids to notice and appreciate the small details that they may otherwise overlook.”

Her years of experience using iPad in the classroom went into the Everyone Can Create in Science e-book she wrote with fellow Apple Distinguished Educators. It’s available free from Apple Books.

This is far from the only tool Apple offers educators. The company recently launched a new site to help teachers enable remote learning for all students, for example.

Source: Apple