Evidence mounts that next iPad Pro will boast mini-LED display


2020 iPad Pro with official wallpaper
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Another report published Tuesday adds more volume to the number of stories claiming that the next-gen iPad Pro will boast a mini-LED display.

The report, from Digitimes, notes that Taiwanese company Ennostar is gearing up to begin production of mini-LED backlight units. This will reportedly start at the end of the first quarter or second quarter of 2021.

This technology — not to be confused with the microLED tech rumored for future devices — has been heavily rumored for at least one of the next generation of iPad Pro models. According to another recent report, it will be reserved only for the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The smaller, 11-inch iPad Pro will supposedly go without.

Mini-LED screens boast thousands of tiny LEDs. Compared to the now outdated LED displays, they offer superior dimming characteristics — making it easier to make some objects on screen appear bright and others dim. It is not the same quality as an OLED display, but is significantly cheaper.

In addition to the mini-LED screens, this year’s iPad Pro refresh will include Apple’s new A14 chipset. That is likely to be it as far as major changes go, however.

When is the next-gen iPad Pro arriving?

One thing today’s report doesn’t do is make clear the timing of the next-gen iPad Pro. Most reports have so far suggested it will be shown off at an event in March. A rumored March event will supposedly feature both AirTags and an iPad Pro. However, this report suggests that Ennostar is just now getting ready to create the components for Apple. One possibility is that it is not the only company working on this in Apple’s supply chain.

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Source: Digitimes (paywall)