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Blast through zombie hordes in Survival Z on Apple Arcade


Blast through zombie hordes in ‘Survival Z’ on Apple Arcade
Battle zombies in Survival Z, a new game a bit darker than the usual on Apple Arcade.
Photo: Ember Entertainment

Blast through waves of zombies in Survival Z, an action game that launched Friday on Apple Arcade. You’ll be facing different types of shambling undead and must destroy them with an array of weapons and traps.

Survival Z ain’t no puppy-petting game

“After the event, humanity lies on the brink while zombies dominate the landscape,” explains the creator of this game, Ember Entertainment. “Your goal is clear: find survivors and seek out a way to exterminate the undead menace.”

The developers promise a wide range of zombie types. And over 15 playable characters to take them on. Plus, there are 50 levels, and the routes you’ll need to move through are randomly generated for increased playability.

Play now on Apple Arcade

Survival Z is now available to Apple Arcade subscribers in the App Store. There are versions for Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV, and these all support external gaming controllers.

It’s not blood soaked, but Apple’s gaming subscription service generally goes for more upbeat fare. Still, there are multiple options for those who like it grim. There’s Neversong, which involves battling monsters and zombies in an asylum. The Otherside has a horror theme. Or visit Necrobarista, a cafe where the dead mingle with the living.

Apple Arcade costs $4.99 per month, but over 100 other games are included. And in-app purchases, loot boxes and ads are banned so there are no hidden fees.