The Otherside unleashes scary good fun on Apple Arcade

The Otherside unleashes scary good fun on Apple Arcade


Apple Arcade’s “The Otherside” blends video games with board games.
No matter what it looks like, you play The Otherside on your TV, tablet or phone.
Photo: The Label/Apple

Investigate the shadows plaguing a small town in The Otherside, which debuted Friday on Apple Arcade. This is a simulated board game and RPG with a horror theme.

The Otherside is a digital board game

This new game is played on an Apple TV, iPad or iPhone, but The Otherside has all the trappings of a strategy board game, with simulated dice, cards… everything you’d expect. But it offers effects not possible from cardboard and plastic game pieces.

Players solve puzzles and fight monsters. It’s for a single person, but involves controlling four characters. The goal is to restore the town to normal by destroying the spirit anchors that threaten the entire world.

The Otherside is for players 12 and up, which might reflect difficultly but also the horror theme. It was released by The Label, who also brought the much sillier What the Golf? to Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade goes a bit darker

“The Otherside” hit Apple Arcade on Friday.
The Otherside is only available on Apple Arcade.
Photo: Apple

The Otherside debuted Friday on Apple Arcade. This gaming service costs $4.99 a month, but includes over 100 titles. And there are no hidden expenses — in-app purchases and ads are banned from Apple’s gaming service.

Since it debuted last fall, most offerings on Apple Arcade have been cheery. But now there’s this horror-themed game, and last week brought Neversong, in which players take on the role of a boy just awoken from a coma as he searches for his missing girlfriend through an asylum while battling monsters and zombies.