Apple’s new Spotlight feature highlights ‘singular’ podcasters worth listening to


Apple Podcasts
New feature is all about interesting creators worth seeking out.
Photo: Apple

A new Spotlight feature in Apple’s Podcasts app will promote “singular voices in podcasting” to help new listeners discover them. Apple plans to profile a new creator each month. The first is Celebrity Book Club podcaster, comedian and filmmaker Chelsea Devantez.

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The synopsis for Devantez’s show from a press release about the Spotlight honor, reads as follows:

“Each week on Celebrity Book Club, Chelsea is joined by special guests, from Gabourey Sidibe to Ashley Nicole Black to Lydia Popovitch, to recap and celebrate the memoirs of badass celebrity womxn who have been torn down by tabloids and dissected by social media — all while facing career obstacles, broken relationships, and incredible triumphs. While these types of memoirs are often dismissed as frivolous, Celebrity Book Club’ emphasizes the importance of telling these stories.”

There are 10 episodes of the show so far. The latest focuses on Drew Barrymore’s Little Girl Lost memoir, published in 1991 when the actress was 16 years old.

Podcasts are a growing focus for Apple

Whether it’s Apple Music playlists or apps highlighted in the App Store, Apple is big into offering users a curated experience when it comes to services. The new Spotlight feature for podcasts is the latest editorial push to showcase Apple’s favorite creators.

The Spotlight press release also quotes Ben Cave, global head of business for Apple Podcasts.

“Apple Podcasts Spotlight helps listeners find some of the world’s best shows by shining a light on creators with singular voices,” said Cave. “Chelsea Devantez has created a fun, vibrant space with Celebrity Book Club for listeners to gain new perspectives on the celebrities we thought we knew. We are delighted to recognize Chelsea and Celebrity Book Club as our first Spotlight selection and look forward to introducing creators like Chelsea to listeners each month.”

As podcasts capture the public’s attention, Apple finally seems ready to focus on the booming audio medium. A report this month said Cupertino is considering a premium podcast subscription service that could compete with the likes of Stitcher Premium. It would be similar to Apple TV+ and Apple News+, likely charging customers a monthly fee for listening. These plans are reportedly still in the early stages.

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