Jared Leto could play ‘eccentric’ WeWork boss in Apple TV+ series


Jared Leto
"Would you like to join my cowering space?"
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Oscar winner Jared Leto could play Adam Neumann, boss of WeWork, in an Apple TV+ series about the rise and fall of the shared workspace startup.

At one point in time, WeWork had an estimated value of $47 billion, before it collapsed. Neumann served as WeWork’s CEO from 2010 through 2019, before finally being pressured into resigning. A Wall Street Journal article last year cited his “eccentric behavior” as one of the reasons he was pushed to step down.

The Apple TV+ series is based on a six-part podcast, WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork.

Lee Eisenberg and Drew Crevello are supposedly developing the series for Apple. Eisenberg has a multiyear deal with Apple, and previously created the excellent Little America for Apple TV+. If Leto does sign on to the show — for what would be his first television series since My So-Called Life in the 1990s — it’s possible that he gets an executive producer credit on the show.

Jared Leto in WeWork series

There’s something kind of fascinating about tech companies making shows about other tech companies. This isn’t the only such series Apple was supposedly working on. The company was previously developing a (possibly favorable?) series about the controversial blogging network Gawker Media. However, Tim Cook supposedly stepped in to squash it personally — having been no fan of Gawker.

Going forward, it will be fascinating to see if Apple picks up other similar shows. Hollywood has proven time and again that it loves making movies about Hollywood. Will the same prove true for tech companies making movies and TV shows about other startups? It’s an intriguing thought. And, heck, it could certainly prove to be creative way of settling scores.

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Source: Collider