Classic PlayStation RPG SaGa Frontier is coming to iPhone next year


Coming to the App Store in a remastered edition next year.
Photo: Square Enix

As great as it is to see brand new games arrive in the App Store, it’s in some ways even better when a game you enjoyed as a fresh-faced young person, eyes shining excitedly at the prospect of life stretching ahead of you, gets ported to iOS. What better way to relive misspent youth?

The latest title set to receive this treatment is Square Enix’s SaGa Frontier, an RPG which found relative fame on the PlayStation (that’s right, young people: the first PlayStation) back in the late 1990s. Look for SaGa Frontier Remastered to arrive on iOS (alongside Android, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC) in summer 2021.

Check out the trailer.

SaGa Frontier was launched in Japan in 1997, before making its way to North America in 1998. I remember it being a game many played after Final Fantasy VII, trying to scramble to find a new Square RPG that would fill the void left by completing that enormous title. SaGa Frontier was never as well-known as FFVII in the West, although there’s plenty to enjoy about it.

SaGa Frontier is coming soon to an iPhone near you

The game is set in a massive universe, with an assortment of main characters. Each of these get their own adventure. In total, there’s something like 140 hours of gameplay. But each adventure lasts around 15 hours, making it feel a bit more like an RPG answer to Mario Party, with a collection of (albeit lengthy) mini games all in a shared universe.

For the remastered edition, there will be a new playable character, story events, better graphics, and more.

SaGa Frontier Remastered is still months away from being released. But it’s certainly a prospect worth getting excited about. If nothing else, the appearance of older games on the iPhone makes me appreciate just how far technology has advanced. At the time I played the original, I didn’t even own a mobile phone — and the best game anyone was playing on theirs was probably Snake on their pocket, brick-like Nokia handset. How far we’ve come since then!

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