iMac 2021 concept will have you drooling for Apple Silicon


An iMac 2021 concept is just gorgeous
A concept artist proposes ditching the screen bezels from the iMac.

There’s good evidence Apple working on new desktop Macs, and a concept artist proposed a pair of iMacs with significantly improved designs for release in 2021. These 24-inch and 32-inch models borrow quite a bit from the iPad Pro line, including edge-to-edge displays.

Apple hasn’t redesigned the iMac since 2012, leaving even the 2020 model with large screen bezels. A proposed design from gets rid of them almost completely. And, like Apple’s tablets, there are rounded corners on the displays to match the rounded corners of the concept desktop computers.

Current iMacs have either a 21.5-inch screen or a 27-inch one, so the proposal jumps these sizes up.

An iMac 2021 concept includes 24- and 32-inch sizes.
By removing the bezels, Apple could build in a larger display without also increasing the overall size of the iMac.

iMac 2021 powered by Apple Silicon

Apple is in the midst of dropping Intel processors in favor of ones designed by Apple itself. The Mac-maker says its processors will provide performance comperable other desktops, with lower power requirements.

Plus, these chips don’t need cooling fans. That should enable future iMac models to be much slimmer than now. And run more quietly.

Upcoming iMac models recently scored approval from a Eurasian regulatory agency. But it’s not known if these will run Apple Silicon or Intel chips.

Multiple unconfirmed reports indicate that iMacs with Apple processors won‘t be out until 2021. Before then, though, the company is widely expected to announce MacBooks with Apple Silicon at a product-launch even on Tuesday, November 13.