Apple's first Apple Silicon iMac could be powered by new 'A14T' chip

New ‘A14T’ chip could power first Apple Silicon iMac


Apple Silicon
Apple announced the transition to Apple Silicon at this year's WWDC.
Photo: Apple

A version of the A14 processor in the new iPhone 12 handsets and iPad Air 4 could power the upcoming Apple Silicon iMac, a report published Tuesday claims.

The so-called A14T chip is reportedly code-named “Mt. Jade.” Like Apple’s other A14 processors, it will be made using the 5-nanometer process. Apple is also developing its own self-contained GPU, which is known inside the company as “Lifuka.”

Coming soon to an Apple Silicon Mac

The first iMac featuring the A14T processor will supposedly be manufactured in the first half of 2021. Today’s China Times report also suggests that both the upcoming iPad Pro and Apple Silicon MacBooks will be powered by Apple’s A14X processor.

Apple is expected to host a special event in November — its third in three months — that will focus on Apple’s Mac lineup. It’s not clear what will be announced at the event. However, Apple said its first Apple Silicon computers will debut by the end of 2020. Maybe Apple will show off its first MacBooks, and lay out the road map for a 2021 iMac?

A15 processor is already underway

Finally, the report suggests that Apple already began work on is next-gen A15 processors for next year’s new devices. It writes that:

“Apple has embarked on the development of a new generation of A15 series processors, and is expected to adopt TSMC’s 5nm enhanced (N5P) process, and will begin production in the third quarter of next year.”

It is no surprise to hear that these chips will be produced using the same nanometer process as this year’s. While TSMC is hard at work on a 3nm process for future Apple devices, this will likely not debut until 2022.

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