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Apple could introduce 1TB iPhone storage option


iPhone 12 Pro in Pacific blue
You can never have enough storage!
Photo: Apple

According to Apple leaker Jon Prosser, Apple could almost double the storage of its current top-of-the-range iPhone — by introducing the first 1TB iPhone.

At present, Apple’s maximum iPhone storage option tops out at 512GB. The storage for Apple’s top iPhones has been capped at this figure for the past three years since the iPhone XS and XS Max. This year, the base option of the iPhone 12 Pro was doubled to 128GB from the minimum 64GB of the iPhone 11 Pro.

Prosser’s tweet doesn’t add a whole lot of context. He just writes that he hopes “y’all are ready for 1TB i[P]hones.” According to the AppleTrack website, Prosser’s current reliability rating is 85.5 percent, based on a total of 124 rumors.

If Apple does jump to 1TB iPhones, it seems likely that it will be no sooner than next year’s iPhone 13 refresh. This would not be the first smartphone to offer 1TB of storage. For example, the Samsung Galaxy+ can come with up to 1TB of internal storage.

Given Apple’s focus on photography, more storage makes a lot of sense. The chief differentiator this year between this year’s iPhone 12 and 12 Pro is the camera setup. Arguably, people’s increased reliance on cloud computing makes internal storage less of a big deal than it was in the past. However, many still enjoy having their images and videos available for immediate access on local storage. Besides, not everyone wants to pay for iCloud subscriptions.

Still, things have come a long way from the low-end 4GB iPhone Apple introduced (and quickly abandoned) in 2007!

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